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2024 Activities

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Banshee Bash
Thumper Wars
Sandcar & UTV
Sport & Pro
King of the Dunes
421cc classes
  Sumo 250lb rider min
Outlaw Heads Up
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Jet City FMX.png
Four X-Games athletes with Jet City FMX will be performing at DuneFest for an incredible Free Style show you wont want to miss.  
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Infiniti Huck jumping competition. Earn bragging rights in one of our classes: 
Kids bikes 15 and below
  Quads 15 and below 
  Quads 16 and up 
  Bikes 16 and up
  Side-by Side
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Free Style Show

Infiniti Huck

Drag Strip

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Pit Bike Course

Bring your buddy down to show who really has what it takes to win.  
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Barrel Racing 

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Short Course

Its a race for bragging rights.  Classes will include small trikes, bike trikes, kids ate, adult ate, small and large dirt tire bike, and SxS
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Show and Shine 2021.JPG

Show & Shine

Kids Drag Strip.JPG

Kids Activities

We are a family friendly event.
Drag Strip, Treasure Hunt, Cornhole, ATV Safety Course, Kids Safe Riding Area, Short Course, Barrel Racing, and Pit Bikes.
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Corn Hole 

 Come show off your Cornhole skills for at one of our "friendly" competitions.  Adults and Kids classes

Poker Run

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Tire Toss

Treasure Hunts

JD N Touch sxs image.jpeg

Group Day Rides

Daily guided group rides
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Friday & Saturday Night Concerts

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Night Rides

Two group rides:  Family pace or all out race through the sand.
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