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DuneFest Information

Camping Check In/Check Out

If you purchased your camping reservations or wristbands ahead of time, visit the registration booth on your way in to pick up your packets.  Every visitor to DuneFest will need a wristband, even visitors to campsites.



EVERY vehicle must have a pass, or it will not be allowed past the security gates.  For safety, vehicles are not allowed to park along the roadways except emergency vehicles. 


RV Camp Spaces

RV camp spaces are designed to accommodate five adults. You are entitled to one vehicle and attached RVC or trailer per camping permit, and, if you like, one small tent is permitted on your RV site. All RVs and trailers must be parked front to back in the campsite; no horseshoeing, boxing, etc.


Camp Hosts

Camp hosts are available in each camping area to assist campers in finding their sites and to answer questions.


Safety & Courtesy

No loud noise in camping area after midnight, this includes generators. No dumping of grey or waste water on Festival property.



Alcohol is not allowed on any campsite on the sand.


Trash Pickup

Keeping the dunes clean is important for everyone.  Please put your trash in the designated areas.  Leaving the area in as good or better shape than when we arrived is key to keeping the dunes pristine for everyone’s enjoyment.


Water & Sewer

For a fee, Roto-Rooter will provide potable water and pumping services. 



For the safety of your pets and others in the event area, your pet(s) must be contained or on a leash of no more than 10 feet.


Fuel & Propane

Salmon Harbor Marina is your one-stop location for fuel and propane. Located at the end of Ork Rock Road by the Umpqua Aquaculture


Issues or Concerns??

DuneFest is here to see that everyone is here for a good time.  If you have any issues or concerns, see the DuneFest booth on Vendor Row, visit one of our Camp Hosts, or talk to one of the staff members.


Please help ensure that DuneFest will continue to be a welcome guest on the Winchester Bay dunes by following event rules and being a good steward of our public land.  DuneFest takes place on property owned by county, state and federal agencies. The rules can vary depending on location. The overall rules of the event takes all the partners regulations into consideration.  Your cooperation is key to having permits renewed each year.

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